OnBord Reps 
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Company History

OnBord Reps grew as an offshoot of years of creative visual and sales experience by Kevin Bord.  Using talents gleemed from US Naval Photographer experience, video production, editing, dealer sales, and virtual studio sales, OnBord Reps became an Independent Manufacturers Representative.


OnBord Reps is a go-to source for information on the latest technologies.  Customers and dealer sales reps come to rely on consistently correct, quick, and honest information.  OnBord Reps performs product demonstrations, training, and design services.


OnBord Reps provides coverage in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.  OnBord Reps has created a network of dealers, distributors, customers and sub-reps in these states to provide a manufacturer channels for their products.

Midwest Manufacturers Representative for A/V and Security